Jeroen Goubert, born 1971 in Aalst (BE), lives and works Affligem (BE). For full resume please visit LinkedIn


The interpretation of an artwork is highly dependent on the context in which it is presented and the relationships between its elements. The viewer’s past experiences and personal background also play a significant role in shaping their perception of the piece. The artist’s use of abstraction and manipulation of context creates a multi-layered and complex visual experience, allowing for a range of interpretations and encouraging the viewer to actively engage with the work. By considering the interplay between form, context, and personal experience, the viewer can gain a deeper understanding and appreciation of the artwork.

If you are interested in a work of art, you can contact me without obligation.

I also work on commission, for example a portrait.


At the moment I am not represented by a gallery. If interested, please let me know. The gallery and the artist are a team that can do great things together.


2021 – A work of art (drypoint) published in ‘Kunstletters – Juli – September 2021

2021 – Selected for the “Dive into Mankind” expo Leuven (BE) – exhibition at CERAhonor issuer: www.kunstwerkt.be

2019 – Laureate of the 5th edition of the Hilde Demedts Fund competition – exhibition at MUDELhonor issuer: Fonds Hilde Demedts

2018 – Winner of the art competition “the art of war” – exhibition at Kazerne Dossinhonor issuer: Kazerne Dossin